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Elves Origin - Free Ragnarok Online Private Server!

Greetings, Elves!

Head on over to the registration page and give us a go!
Client: 2023-11-23 DirectX9 Dx9-Client
Rates: 70k/70k/70k
Mini/MvP Cards: 10%
Main Equipment: Valkyrie Set
Main town: Prontera City (go 0)
Maximum Level: 255/120 base/job
Maximum Stat: 255
Full Stats: 255
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Something to Watch!
Screenshots of our Community
Guild Castles
Ragnarok Guild Emblem Game Masters 16
Ragnarok Guild Emblem Chaos 4
Ragnarok Guild Emblem Kings 4
Ragnarok Guild Emblem Carms Army 6
World Boss
Required Kills: 63004
Most Recently Killed MvPs
  • World Boss Ragnarok Online Mistress (1861)
  • World Boss Ragnarok Online Moonlight Flower (1725)
  • World Boss Ragnarok Online Maya (1533)