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NEWS & UPDATES/ Asura Strike

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    • Def Multiplier Increase From 30 to 35 Added Command: @autoattack, @autoattackoff, @autoattackend; Sharp Shooting Increase Delay from 110 to 120. Attendance for VIP Added Orc Baby on Magic Card Album Strip Cast Time from 1000 to 1300 , added CD from 0 to 1500, added Coating Requirements from 1 to 5 Stalker Raid From 400 to 350 Stalker Back Stap from 120 to 150  
    • Taekwon Increase Damage on Angel Monster by 100%
    • Added Costume on Database
      Added New Promo Donations
      Added more reward on Easter Egg Extremity Fist From -70 to -65 Added More Items on Dye Headgear Added Runic Staff on Rune Shop Added More Costume on Zeny Coin Quest Added More Costume on Event TOken Quest    
    • Fixes on Emergency Call Added New Event for Easter // Egg Hunt Spawn Every 1 Hour Disable PVP on Pay_dun04 Added Anti Bot on Pay_dun04 Fixes on World Boss Enable @go command on Jail

      Increase Damage on Extremity Fist from -74 to -70 Move Investigate from -90 to -80 Acid Demo from 70 to 75 Sonic Blow from 10 to 50  
    • Major Changes on Damage Modification.

      Need to Retest all skills.
      Currenly Tested Extremity Fist Cart Termination Finger Offensive Resistance Cap Increase from 80% to 90%
      Added MVP Arena https://elvesro.com/wiki/instances/mvparena All Updates will take effect after push