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  1. Primo Fantasm

    [03/23/2023] NEWS & UPDATES

    FIXES: Skills Bowling Bash Increased damage by 9% (56 to 65) Safety Wall Can now evade while using GTB Pneuma Can now evade while using GTB Increase Agi Can now buff while using GTB Blessing Can now buff while using GTB Gloria Can now buff while using GTB Volcano Can now amplify while using GTB Deluge Can now amplify while using GTB Violent Gale Can now amplify while using GTB Wall of Fog Can now evade while using GTB UPDATES: NPC Reward Trader Increased the requirements for the Zodiac Quest from 5 Event Tokens to 10 Event Tokens STATUS: [PUSHED]
  2. Primo Fantasm

    Headgear Quest - Maku

    Hello. The requirements have been changed. It will take effect on the next server update. (hoping it will be included). I will update the requirements here once it's been pushed to main server. Thanks
  3. Primo Fantasm

    [03/21/2023] NEWS & UPDATES

    FIXES: Skills Static Swap & Chain Knuckle Fixed cooldown in all levels (15 secs) New range cells per level Level 1 - 5 cells Level 2 - 6 cells Level 3 - 7 cells Level 4 - 8 cells Level 5 - 9 cells New casting time per level Level 1 - 2 secs Level 2 - 2 secs Level 3 - 2 secs Level 4 - 1.8 secs Level 5 - 1.6 secs UPDATES: Events King of Emperium Hill Can now use healing items inside the map (guild_vs4) STATUS: [SEMI-PUSHED] Note: KOE healing issue not pushed yet.
  4. Primo Fantasm

    [03/17/2023] NEWS & UPDATES

    Hi. Try to check your opensetup.exe Try also to put a microphone or speakers on your PC.
  5. Primo Fantasm

    Custom Skill Guide

    Custom Skill Guide What are the available Custom Skills? Ans: We have 7 Custom Skills as of the moment. Here are the ff. skills: Chain Knuckle [30266] (Whitesmith) FCP Debuffer [30256] (Creator) Hex [30276] (Professor) Leap of Faith [30261] (Stalker) Open Celestial Gate [30291] (High Priest/High Priestess) Phantom Step [30251] (Gunslinger) Static Swap [30271] (High Wizard) What is the max level for the Custom Skills? Ans: You can level it up to Book 5 (equivalent to level 5) Where can I get Book 1 to Book 5 for each job? Ans: Book 1 = MVP Monsters , Book 2 = Gift Event , Book 3 = Treasure Island, Book 4 = Instance Trader, Book 5 = Guild Token Trader Book 1 (MVP Monsters) Chain Knuckle 1 - Orc Lord FCP Debuffer 1- Maya Hex 1 - Osiris Leap of Faith 1 - Eddga Open Celestial Gate 1 - Pharaoh Phantom Step 1 - Moonlight Flower Static Swap 1 - Vesper Book 2 (Gift Event) Gift Event Schedule: Every Sunday 22:00 (GMT+8) 1 PvP Token required to get a chance to obtain a Book 2 Location is at the center of Prontera Book 3 (Treasure Island) Treasure Island Schedule: Every Sunday 19:00 and Friday 22:00 (GMT+8) You need to tame Civil Servants and trade the Eggs for a Treasure Bag Fan of Wind (Taming Item) costs 500k Book 4 (Instance Trader) Location is Prontera 164, 159 To obtain Instance Tokens, you need to finish the Nest from Instance Caller Each Book 4 costs 24,000 Instance Tokens Book 5 (Guild Token Trader) Location is Prontera 164, 167 To obtain Guild Tokens, it will drop on Treasure Box (low chance) and from TCE Box Reward For Treasure Box, you can get it from the Guild Castle, Payon Invasion, and Treasure Box Spawn Event Each Book 5 costs 200 Guild Tokens Sample Videos of the Custom Skills: Static Swap - Hex - Leap of Faith - Phantom Step - Open Celestial Gate - FCP Debuffer - Chain Knuckle -
  6. Primo Fantasm

    [03/06/2023] NEWS & UPDATES

    Updated the Cart Termination and Bowling Bash part
  7. Primo Fantasm

    [03/06/2023] NEWS & UPDATES

    My apologies... As I was checking again on Test Server, the FREEZING status is still appearing. I'll just edit the post on Frost Nova part. I only have read the script but have not fully tested it. For the pending requests/bugs/suggestions, we are trying our best to update every week. Right now, the head developer is not feeling well for days already. I can't also solve everything in a day since I'm still new to this. All I'm asking is just to bear with us and we will address all your concerns as soon as possible.
  8. Primo Fantasm

    [03/06/2023] NEWS & UPDATES

    FIXES: Skills Mage Class Jupitel Thunder - Increased the damage from 100 to 120 Storm Gust - Increased the damage from 20 to 50 Napalm Vulcan - Increased the damage from 1000 to 1200 Sightrasher - Increased the cooldown from 100 to 500 Thunderstorm - Increased the cooldown from 400 to 1000 Fire Pillar - Increased the interval from 1000 to 2000 Frost Nova - Set a fixed duration of 100. Static Swap - Can now be interrupted. Cast reduction items not working as of the moment. Archer Class Poem of Bragi - Changed the formula for after-cast delay reduction Double Strafe - Removed the cooldown Scream - Reduced the cooldown from 1600 to 1000. Cannot be affected by Bragi anymore. Ankle Snare - Set a fixed duration of 1000 for the traps in all levels. True Sight - Set a fixed SP cost of 40 in all levels Falcon Assault - Set a fixed SP cost of 46 in all levels Sharp Shooting - Set a fixed SP cost of 30 in all levels Acolyte Class Asura Strike - Decreased the damage by 1% Swordsman Class Bowling Bash - Added a formula for animation delay. (Note: There's still very small cooldown when I checked it) Thief Class Soul Destroyer - Removed the Cast Time. Reduced the after-cast delay from 1000 to 700. Set a fixed SP cost of 100 in all levels Merchant Class Cart Termination - Decreased the cooldown a bit Items Valkyrie Manteau - Corrected the damage return calculation Monsters Barricade - Reduced HP from 30m to 10m. Added +300 Vit. Guardian Stone - Reduced HP from 120m to 10m. Added +300 Vit, Int, Dex, and Luk. UPDATES: Added Costume Evil Mask - Mid Headgear Guild Emergency Call - Reduced the cooldown from 5 mins to 3 mins STATUS: [PUSHED] as of 03/05/2023
  9. Primo Fantasm

    [03/02/2023] NEWS & UPDATES

    FIXES: Skills Eske - Skill is disabled until further notice. (Reason: Even reduced to x1, the damage difference is still big) Maps Disabled @storage in Tournament 1vs1 STATUS: [PUSHED]
  10. Primo Fantasm

    [03/01/2023] NEWS & UPDATES

    Added: Skills Scream - Increased cooldown to 1600 Berserk - Increased the duration from 15 secs to 25 secs Tiger Fist - Increased the chance of getting stopped
  11. Primo Fantasm

    [02/24/2023] NEWS & UPDATES

    we'll check on this.
  12. Primo Fantasm

    [02/24/2023] NEWS & UPDATES

    FIXES: Skills Frost Joke - Lowered the chance of Freezing status. Skill cooldown is now fixed. (Cannot be affected by Bragi and Kiels) Tarot Card of Fate - GTB users are now immune to Coma (Death) and Debuff/Dispell (The High Priestess). Reduced the Cast Delay from 3000 to 600. But it cannot be affected by Bragi. UPDATES: Global Defense from 40 to 30 Monster Defense from 99 to 1 OTHERS: Removed the "View Equips" function for Game Masters Added @hold command STATUS: [Pushed]
  13. Primo Fantasm

    [02/23/2023] NEWS & UPDATES

    FIXES: Anti-Status cards are now working as intended especially the ones that gives Immunity (e.g. Marduk, Orc Hero) Global Sleep duration reduced from 30 secs to 5 secs PRIZE UPDATE: Emperium Event Prize from 1 Event Token + 1 Silver Coin to 1 TCG Status: [Pushed]
  14. Primo Fantasm

    Please Help to Fix my Elves Ragnarok

    Hello. Have you tried other servers aside from Tokyo server?
  15. Primo Fantasm

    GUIDE] Custom Kaho List

    Here's the screenshot. It's located lower left of Aldebaran.