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  1. Developer


    Def Multiplier Increase From 30 to 35 Added Command: @autoattack, @autoattackoff, @autoattackend; Sharp Shooting Increase Delay from 110 to 120. Attendance for VIP Added Orc Baby on Magic Card Album Strip Cast Time from 1000 to 1300 , added CD from 0 to 1500, added Coating Requirements from 1 to 5 Stalker Raid From 400 to 350 Stalker Back Stap from 120 to 150
  2. Taekwon Increase Damage on Angel Monster by 100%
  3. Added Costume on Database Added New Promo Donations Added more reward on Easter Egg Extremity Fist From -70 to -65 Added More Items on Dye Headgear Added Runic Staff on Rune Shop Added More Costume on Zeny Coin Quest Added More Costume on Event TOken Quest
  4. Developer


    Fixes on Emergency Call Added New Event for Easter // Egg Hunt Spawn Every 1 Hour Disable PVP on Pay_dun04 Added Anti Bot on Pay_dun04 Fixes on World Boss Enable @go command on Jail Increase Damage on Extremity Fist from -74 to -70 Move Investigate from -90 to -80 Acid Demo from 70 to 75 Sonic Blow from 10 to 50
  5. Developer

    NEWS & UPDATES // Skills

    Major Changes on Damage Modification. Need to Retest all skills. Currenly Tested Extremity Fist Cart Termination Finger Offensive Resistance Cap Increase from 80% to 90% Added MVP Arena https://elvesro.com/wiki/instances/mvparena All Updates will take effect after push
  6. Developer


    Increase HP of MVP Increase HP of Player by 10% Increase reflect damage Added new World Boss /MVP White Knight Khalitzburg Knight Added New Skills On Skillmaster Party Bless Party Agi Up NPC MVP Arena Skill Revise on Angelus 10Def and 5% maxHP
  7. Developer


    reduce damage of bowling bash by 10%
  8. Developer


    Added New Card Lunati Str/Agi/Vit/Int/Dex/Luk
  9. Developer

    NEWS & UPDATES // ELves Hook

    Hook Counter will be no knockback items like Strong Shield Brynhild and RSX(maybe)
  10. Developer


    Disable Donut on Sniper Added Command @solopack Added More Spawn of Am Mut Added Time Holder Card Added Elves Zakudam Card
  11. Developer

    NEWS & UPDATES/ Asura Strike

    For test return asura damage structure.
  12. Developer

    NEWS & UPDATES// Bowling Bash

    Reduce damage from 90 to 85 Asura from -60 to -63
  13. Developer

    NEWS & UPDATES // Changes

    Attendance Update Added New Costume Added New Costume in Poring Trader Reduce Requirements on Event Token Trader added New Costume
  14. Developer

    All Weapon Spear

    In the Elves Ragnarok Online game, a significant alteration has been implemented whereby all previously designated two-handed spears have undergone a transformation, now assuming the form of one-handed spears. This modification reflects a strategic shift in weapon dynamics within the game, potentially influencing the gameplay experience for characters utilizing such weaponry.
  15. Developer

    NEWS & UPDATES// All Spear

    All Spear from 2Handed to 1 Handed Brionac Custom Script Refer to the Iteminfo Hunting Spear Custom Script Refer to the Iteminfo