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    Version 1.0.0


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    [03/17/2023] NEWS & UPDATES

    FIXES: Skills Bowling Bash Reduced Cooldown from 150 to 0 Reduced AftercastDelay from 300 to 250 UPDATES: Added Punching Bag in Comodo Testing Cell_PVP in Prontera (prontera,149,240,165,222) Maps Disabled @storage on Prison (sec_pri) STATUS: [PUSHED]
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    I have obtained Freeda's bot and studied it, as well as consulted with him on how to stop it. I am planning to make further updates to prevent Freeda from using bots new bot checker flow chart. We kindly request that stories which paint our bot-user hunters in a negative light be avoided, as they are carrying out their duties diligently. It should be noted that macro farming and the use of bots are strictly prohibited in this server and are subject to punishment. We encourage all users to refer to our website for information on any abusive commands for GM.
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    [03/16/2023] NEWS & UPDATES

    FIXES: Skills High Wizard Static Swap Increased range per level Increased casting time per level Cannot target self Whitesmith Chain Knuckle Cast reduction items do not work anymore Increased casting time per level Cannot target self Gunslinger Phantom Step Reduced cooldown per level Stalker Leap of Faith Reduced cooldown from 2 secs to 1 sec Items Upg Book Changed the M.Atk formula Bloody Branch Removed the weight UPDATES: Added King of Emperium Hill Event This is similar to War of Emperium. The map has an Emperium in the middle and all you have to do is to break the emp and defend it until KOE ends. Peering Titan's Nest New Nest in Instance Caller Costume Preview NPC (Carms Fashionista) Location is at prt_in 89, 72 You can now preview the costumes that's registered in our Item Database Others Increased chances of drops on Castle Reduce some prices on Guild Token Trader STATUS: [PUSHED]
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    CPNoDelay Tutorial

    Hello fellow players! Welcome to this short Tutorial on TCPNoDelay, which can improve your games responsiveness. If you are interested what we actually do with this, just read on. Elaboration What is Ping Since ElvesRo is located in Japan, which is half a world away for most users, we all suffer from a medium to high ping. Every time you send a command message to the server (like drinking a potion, walking to a spot, or using a skill) it takes a while until it actually reaches the server. After that, it takes the same amount of time for the answer to get back to your computer, telling your Ragnarok: Okay, you used a potion, this is what happened! HP increased Those Messages and Answers are called Packets. The time it takes until you see the action you did is called Ping, or Latency and is measured in milliseconds. You can determine your ping by clicking on Start and Run, entering cmd and pressing enter. In the upcoming window, just type ping www.ElvesRo .com and hit enter again. It should output something similar to C:\Users\Generic> ping www.ELVESORIGIN.com PING www.elvesorigin.com( 32 data bytes 32 bytes from bytes=32 time=39 ms ttl=58 32 bytes from bytes=32 time=39 ms ttl=58 32 bytes from bytes=32 time=39 ms ttl=58 32 bytes from bytes=32 time=39 ms ttl=58 --- www.ElvesRo.com ping statistics --- 4 packets transmitted, 4 received, 0% packet loss, average time 39ms The bold numbers are your actual ping. So, 1000ms Ping tell you, it takes a whole second until you actually see what you did (but the server already got your pakets after 0.5 seconds). About the Ping itself you can't do too much, since it depends on your internet and the distance from servers. If it gets higher than 100ms you start to experience some delay for everything you do, especially if playing a game like Ragnarok. Nagles Algorithm and TCPNoDelay Now, starting with Windows Vista, Microsoft has introduced a mechanism to stabilize your connection, and to reduce traffic on your connection. This mechanism is called Nagles Algorithm. More detail on this can be read on https://support.microsoft.com/de-de/help/235624/fix-tcp-ip-nagle-algorithm-for-microsoft-message-queue-server-can-be-d It makes sure, that for every packet you send, your computer waits for an answer. If there is no answer within time, the packet is repeated until it gets an "ok" from the server. For most stuff like websites and sending emails this is good, because you get less random "error loading image" and such, but for playing games it bad: Look at the example above, with Nagles algorithm you will have to wait for the answer, until you can send any other action to the server. So in Theory with 1000ms Ping, you could only use one potion per second, or use only one skill, or send one walk click. And even worse: you can only do one single action at all in that time - no skill using, potion drinking and walking in the same second! Well you most likely don't have 1000ms ping, but even with 200ms you are already limited to 5 actions per second. That is bad, it feels unresponsive, and you cannot react in time, because your actions get "stacked up" on your computer. This chart explains the difference between Nagle on and off: The algorithm itself can be turned off by a setting known as TCPNoDelay. Sadly there is no "easy" GUI for that, you actually have to use the windows registry editor to change this setting. Good thing is, you mostly can't do harm. If you feel to unsure about it, you may ask a friend to help you though. Be awarem this can increase loading errors for websites as told before, but if your connection in general is stable, you won't have any issues. TcpAckFrequency and what it does Together with disabling Nagle it is also recommended to reduce TcpAckFrequency to 1. Think of your network as of a guy who brings your packets to the server. TcpAckFrequency tells him, how many packets he should collect from you until he starts walking. If you set this to any value higher than 1, he will wait until you pile up that amount. With a value of 5, he would wait until you actually did 5 actions of any kind (like clicking, potion use etc.) in Ragnarok, before even starting to send them to the server. So, obviously, set this to 1, so every single packet gets sent as soon as it is there. Let's get started Setup Guide for disabling Nagles Algorithm First of all, you do all of this at your own risk! No responsibility taken by my side if it has any bad side effects on your computer! click Start, click run and type in regedit If you are on Windows 10, just click Start and type regedit right away, then press enter. You should get the windows registry editor. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces On Windows 10 you can simply copy & paste the path into the search bar on top. Find the network device, that is your local network adapter. It will have an IP address like 192.168.?.? Create two new entries: right click on the right side, click new > DWORD and create TCPNoDelay and TcpAckFrequency If one already exist, just do step 6 for it. Make sure you got the capitalization right, it really matters. tcpnodelay won't work! Double click both new entries (or right click > change), and set the value to 1 (hexadecimal) Now they should both have the value REG_DWORD 0x000001 Restart your computer. You can actually deactivate and reactivate your networking adapter, but that takes another tutorial if you don't know how to do. So restarting is the easy way. Done. Now Nagles algorithm should be disabled. To revert this, simply delete both TCPNoDelay and TcpAckFrequency entries from the registry, but why would you ever want to revert this? Conclusion Depending on your ping, you should feel a much more responsive gameplay, when playing on ElvesRo! You will still have the delay from your ping, but at least you can now spam skills faster and react to Bosses hurting you by spamming your potions! Have Fun ingame!
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    [03/12/2023] NEWS & UPDATES

    FIXES: Skills Whitesmith Cart Termination Reduced after-cast delay from 500 to 170 Increased damage by 10% Lord Knight Bowling Bash Increased damage from 60 to 65 Reduced min-cast delay from 120 to 80 Ninja Increased HP from 75 to 90 Soul Linker Increased HP from 75 to 90 Star Gladiator Increased HP from 90 to 92 Cards Stalker Card Can now be compounded in Garment Others Disabled RODEX on GVG Maps Included MVP in the Community Drops Boost UPDATES: Guild Increased PvP Tokens from 1 to 3 as reward to Castle Holders STATUS: [PUSHED]
  8. Developer

    [03/08/2023] NEWS & UPDATES

    FIXES: Skills High Wizard Frost Nova Fixed cooldown of 250ms Cannot be affected by Bragi or Kiels Professor Spider Web Can now ignore GTB Clown Frost Joke Reduced cooldown from 1500ms to 500ms Gypsy Scream Reduced cooldown from 1500ms to 500ms Sniper Ankle Snare Limit to 10 traps on ground Increase duration from 1sec to 10secs Whitesmith Cart Termination Reduced After-cast delay from 600ms to 500ms Chain Knuckle Can now hook Emperium and Teammates Can now be interrupted Global Global Player Status Def Rate increased from 100 to 300 Global Mob Status Def Rate increased from 100 to 300 Global Mob Status Resistance from 30 to 100 UPDATES: Added Healer and Berry Exchanger NPCS are now available outside Culvert NPC Healer ( For VIP users) Increased FCP from 1min to 5mins Vending Warper Removed Prontera and Payon as vending area Mall will be the official vending area Others TCE Box Reward Contains 10 TCGs, 100 Berry Tickets, 10 Event Tokens, and 5 Guild Tokens STATUS: [PUSHED]
  9. Developer

    [03/01/2023] NEWS & UPDATES

    FIXES: Skills Double Strafe - Increased cooldown to 150 Eske - Reduced the damage multiplier from x3 to x1 Scream - Increased cooldown to 1600 Berserk - Increased the duration from 15 secs to 25 secs Tiger Fist - Increased the chance of getting stopped Items Sleipnir - Increased movement speed from 25 to 35 (You can see the difference when unequipped even there's Increase Agility) Crimson Rose (ROC) - Changed the stats from 1 LUK to +1% ATK and +30 MaxSP Monsters Emperium - Reduced HP from 100m to 80m Barricade - Reduced HP from 120m to 30m Bring it On (Poring Boss) - Boosted the damage and will not summon anymore Maps Disabled @storage in the ff. maps: FFA map (guild_vs5) Run or Die map (quiz_00) Disabled Yggdrasil Berry and Seed in Run or Die map (quiz_00) Disabled Novice Job in 1vs1 Tournament UPDATES: Added Treasure Island - Added 3Days Halter Box GM Command - Changed @localbroadcast to @lb STATUS: [PUSHED]
  10. Developer


    Added 2000 Points Progress for every time you finish Bounty Board Quest.
  11. Developer

    [02/26/2023] NEWS & UPDATES

    FIXES: Skills Phantom Step - Skill is missing after doing char select is now fixed. Leap of Faith - Skill is missing after doing char select is now fixed. Firewall - When casted, it will not disappear immediately. Fire Pillar - It only works on Blue Gemstones before but now it also works on Mistress Card too. Items 7Day Halter - Before when bought in Vice/Virtue Shop, it won't work. But now it has been fixed. SKILL UPDATE: Added New Custom Skill Hex - Professor (LINK) FCP Debuffer - Creator (LINK) OTHERS: NPC Healer - Reduced the FCP duration Freebie NPC - Freebies for all players and newbies. Take Note: It has an expiration and checking is per IP Guild Token Trader - You can trade your guild token for Book 5 skills and other items STATUS: [PUSHED]
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    Due to the issue of excessive botting, our team and I have made the decision to raise the penalty to 500 million in-game zeny or 3 Trading Card Game (TCG) points per character. In order to avoid paying the penalty, the player must serve a jail sentence of 3 days.
  15. Developer

    [02/24/2023] NEWS & UPDATES

    added Global Defense from 40 to 30 Monster Defense from 99 to 1