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  3. Developer

    NEWS & UPDATES / @packetfilter

    @packetfilter enable you to filter a lot of features (more than the original made for eamod) and is really configurable. For exemple : `@packetfilter COHM EOHM` allow block normal chat and emotion from non-related players, pets, homunculus and monsters but this doesn’t block normal chat from party/guild members a full list of flags are C = ignore normal Chat, including Dancer’s scream, Bard’s frost joke, and pet’s talk (pet start to talk when intimacy > 900) E = ignore emotion, including monster and pet emotion (but NOT pet performance) I = ignore Item use effect A = ignore normal Attack animation (based on receiving side), your own attack animation are always shown B = Buffing skill animations (based on receiving side), your own casting animation are always shown S = Status effect T = offensive single Target skill/spell animations (based on receiving side), your own casting animation are always shown G = Ground based skills (eg:storm gust), your own casting animation are always shown M = Music dance/songs from Bard/Dancer D = Direction. Recommend filter on Party/Guild type and not enemies. Highly Recommend for supportive type Class. after the Main type, also support additional flags S = Self P = Party G = Guild B = Battleground C = Clan O = Other players, none of the above H = Homunculus/pets/elementals/mercenary and player’s @summon M = Monsters
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  5. Developer


    Bolt adjustment on nodelay - added animation on source Remove CD of Bolt Extremity Damage from -65 to -50 Disable FO on Stalker
  6. Developer

    [09/16/2023] NEWS & UPDATES

    FIXES: Skills Fire/Cold/Lightning Bolt Increase damage from 250 to 260 Asura Strike Removed delay between Asura and Body Relocation from 1000ms to 0ms Global Max SP Cap Reduced from 20,000 to 10,000 Skill Delay Reduced from 150 to 140 UPDATES: NPC Sex Changer (Dr. Daphne) Changed the requirements from Event Token to TCG Merchant Weapon Shop Added Bloody Branch on Weapon Dealer Item Gold Reduced weight from 200 to 0 STATUS: [PUSHED]
  7. Developer


    🌟 Exciting News from Elves Origin Ragnarok Online! 🌟 Prepare to embark on a new adventure as we unveil a world of thrilling updates: Added New Quest -@warper, if I miss NPC please report and get 1 Bug box reward, - Location Sunkenship -Whisper Tall Hat Kaho -Pirate Bandana Kaho -Drake Hat Kaho Guild Emblem - GIF Disable Global Skill Cooldown from 50 to 150. Remove Delay on CH_SOULCOLLECT , MO_EXPLOSIONSPIRITS , MO_EXTREMITYFIST, NJ_SHADOWJUMP, TF_HIDING Don't Use Custom GRF related to Character or Animation of skills. PVP Delays Cap, - Bowling Bash 140ms to 100ms Woe Delay Caps -WOE_MG_FIREBOLT 100ms to 150ms -WOE_MG_LIGHTNINGBOLT 100ms to 150ms -WOE_MG_COLDBOLT 100ms to 150ms -WOE_HW_NAPALMVULCAN 100ms to 150ms -WOE_CR_ACIDDEMONSTRATION 100ms to 150ms -WOE_WS_CARTTERMINATION 100ms to 150ms Items changes on Delay Rates -Kiel Card -20% -Woe Kiel Card -18% -Elves Kiel Card -30% Pvp/Gvg Damage -HW_NAPALMVULCAN from 1200 to 1230 -MG_FIREBOLT from 230 to 250 -MG_LIGHTNINGBOLT from 230 to 250 -MG_COLDBOLT from 230 to 250 -CR_ACIDDEMONSTRATION from 20 to 40 Damage Reflect -Increase Divisor of Damage from 100 to 130 **Asura Skill Only** Divisor of Damage Decrease from 100 to 50 Get ready to rewrite your legend in Elves Origin Ragnarok Online! Stay tuned for more details. Are you up for the challenge? Visit us! Website: https://elvesorigin.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elvesorigin/ Discord: https://discord.gg/BanfBPB8yR
  8. Developer


    Homunculus Max Level 255 Autoloot: Yes Player Quest Skill Reset: No Rental Mount Speed From 25 to 40 Item Tiger_Mask 5 Str 1000 HP Floral Waltz Added HatEffect Gpack Remove VIP NPC Poring Trader Added #31688 C_Poring_On_Shoulder added @warper Command. Added Sex Changer Update Kaho Merge There will be Hard Reboot Tomorrow
  9. Developer

    [08/29/2023] NEWS & UPDATES

    FIXES: Skills Jupitel Thunder Increase damage to monster from 400 to 800 Napalm Vulcan Increase damage to monster from 400 to 800 Sharp Shooting Increase damage to monster from 800 to 1200 Double Strafe Increase damage to monster from 800 to 1200 Acid Demonstration Increase damage to monster from 800 to 1200 STATUS: [PUSHED]
  10. Developer


    Item Deletion was push. and several items was bound contact me for unbound. Fix Chronos World Box Sound Error. Fix on Item infromation GP Items Banning Abuse on Newbie reward by creating new character and claiming it. kindly check the Terms and condition of the server Added Kaho Color and Valkyrie Helm
  11. Developer


    PLEASE REMOVE ALL YOUR CARD TO EQUIPMENT NUMBER BELOW 19114 31459 410132 410131 410157 410144 410029 400204 400214
  12. Developer


    Composite Bow[4] Drops Random Option Mink Coat[1] Drops Random Option Valkyrie - Armor Return to old Equipment Job Requirements Status: Not Push
  13. Developer

    GUIDE] Reputation (Vice & Virtue)

    Faming tcg
  14. Developer


    iNCREASE DAMAGE ON MONSTER WZ_JUPITEL 400% HW_NAPALMVULCAN 400% SN_SHARPSHOOTING 800% AC_DOUBLE 800% TK_STORMKICK 2000 ON Player +60% TK_DOWNKICK 2000 ON Player +60% TK_TURNKICK 2000 ON Player +60% TK_COUNTER 2000 ON Player +60% Added GP Card WOE_Thanatos_Card WOE_Deviling_Card WOE_Ghostring_Card Adjusted on Rapid Shower to avoid Nodelay flag
  15. Embark on an epic quest through the vast Prontera Field, vanquish formidable monsters, and unravel ancient mysteries to claim the coveted Costume: Savage Babe on Shoulder as your well-deserved reward!
  16. 1st Question Answer : 175000 2nd Question Answer : teg ( all lower case ) 3rd Question Answer : 150000 4th Question Answer : juele ( all lower case ) 5th Question Answer : 200000 6th Question Answer : 125000 7th Question Answer : rodney ( all lower case )
  17. Developer


    Join us as a valued partner and become a prominent streamer in our community. We are actively seeking talented content creators, regardless of the size of your channel or audience. As long as you consistently meet our requirements, you are more than welcome to be a part of our team. These requirements include utilizing a face cam, regularly streaming Elves Origin at least three times a week, incorporating our captivating overlay on your streams, and engaging with your viewers through means such as a microphone. Kindly provide us with the following information or send me a private message on Discord: - Real Name: - Authentic Facebook Profile: - RO Experience: - Brief Introduction About Yourself: - Stream Page: By joining our esteemed group of content creators, you will gain access to an array of enticing benefits, including an exclusive 20% streamer donation code (convertible to donation points or cash), a monthly supply box tailored for streamers, an exciting streamer giveaway box, and the opportunity to earn donation rewards based on your exceptional performance during the first month.
  18. Developer


    In the world of Elves Origin, adventurers face a new threat - Chronos, the Keeper of Time. His awakening disrupts the realm, merging seasons, day and night. Seeking ancient seers' wisdom, the heroes unlock their memories, discovering their connection to Chronos. They confront him in the Temporal Nexus, a climactic battle ensues. Sacrifices are made, but Chronos is defeated. The realm heals, and the heroes become the Guardians of Time, sworn to protect Elves Origin from future threats. Drop Reward: HE_Bubble_Gum Bubble_Gum C_Dark_Knight_Mask Berry_Ticket Bloody_Dead_Branch TCG_Card Magic_Card_Album Others KOE Reward Updates Fixes on Board Reward Added World Boss Board Quest
  19. Footring Quest A necessity for elegant woman!Vit +3Increases MaxHP by 10%.Class: AccessoryDefense: 0Weight: 15Level Requirement: 75Jobs: All except Novice
  20. Developer


    In the virtual world of Elves Origin, a fearsome World Boss named Lunati emerged. Adventurers united to face this formidable creature, battling relentlessly until victory was claimed. The legend of Lunati spread, drawing more players eager to test their skills in the ultimate challenge. Drop Reward: Costume Lunatic On Shoulder MVP_Ticket HE_Bubble_Gum Berry_Ticket Bloody_Dead_Branch TCG_Card Magic_Card_Album Others: Disable Drop on Certain Cards Disable Equipment Drop when card is Compounded Added New Quest in Archer Village @go 16 Fixes on Ancient Horn Quest @go 13 Increase number of Monster for world boss to spawn. from 100k to 200k
  21. The Archer Village Quest In the serene village of Payon, nestled amidst breathtaking scenery, a mystifying tale whispers of ancient treasures hidden within Archer Village. One day, a group of curious villagers stumbles upon an aged map hinting at these hidden wonders. Eager and undaunted, they embark on a journey of discovery, united by courage and determination. Their path is not without challenges. Overcoming treacherous terrains and facing the Guardian of Secrets, they demonstrate valor and unity. In the heart of Archer Village, they find a hidden quest board, offering them a trio of extraordinary rewards for their bravery. Quest Rewards: Munak Hat with Kaho's Horn Bongun Hat with Kaho's Horn Costume Zombie Mask Their pure hearts are acknowledged, and the village is graced with prosperity and protection. As word spreads, the once unassuming villagers hail them as legendary heroes, forever commemorated in the annals of Archer Village lore.
  22. Primo Fantasm

    [07/25/2023] NEWS & UPDATES

    FIXES: Skills Asura Strike Return damage calculation to old formula Reduced damage by 10% UPDATES: Global Increased SP cap from 10,000 to 20,000 STATUS: [PUSHED]
  23. Quest Name: Poring King Muffler Collection Quest Description: The traders in the kingdom have heard rumors about a splendid creature known as King Poring, and they are eager to acquire unique mufflers inspired by famous Porings. They seek the help of brave adventurers to collect various rare materials to craft the following costume mufflers: Costume Marin Muffler, Costume Drops Muffler, Costume Poporing Muffler, and Costume Poring Muffler. Rewards: Completing the trader quest will grant adventurers the four unique costume mufflers: Costume Marin Muffler, Costume Drops Muffler, Costume Poporing Muffler, and Costume Poring Muffler. Introducing the New MVP Monster: King Poring! Drops: HE Bubble Gum MVP Ticket Bubble Gum Gold Ingot Poring Hat Berry Ticket Bloody Dead Branch TCG Card Magic Card Album Trader Quest:
  24. Developer


    Asura - Known bug / Damage modifier to be fix. Release new Item on Valkyrie Reduce Ketenei for SD and MA
  25. Primo Fantasm

    Lord Kaho's Horn[4]

    You can acquire it by buying from players or the Gods Trader. It cost 30 TCGs
  26. A hammer of noble valkyrie. MATK +50 When equipped by Novice: ATK +150, MATK +200 HIT +10 MaxHP +500, MaxSP +400 Decreases SP Consumption by 5%. For each Refine Level: VIT +1 MaxHP +200 Perfect Dodge +1 Increases Attack Speed (Decreases After Attack Delay by 1%). For each 2 Refine Levels: Decreases Variable Casting Time by 1%. When equipped by Swordman: MaxHP +500 MaxSP +100 For each Refine Level: VIT +1 1% MaxHP When equipped by Priest: ATK +50 MATK +100 For each Refine Level: Increases Attack Speed (Increases effectiveness of Healing skills by 2%). When equipped by Monk: MaxSP +1000 Decreases SP Consumption by 5%. For each Refine Level: Increase 1% of Extremety Fist When equipped by Merchant: ATK +100 HIT +10 For each 1 Refine Levels: +10 Int Type: Mace Attack: 50 Weight: 10 Weapon Level: 4 Requirement: Base Level 70 Novice, Swordsman, Merchant and Acolyte
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