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    FIXES: Skills High Wizard Frost Nova Fixed cooldown of 250ms Cannot be affected by Bragi or Kiels Professor Spider Web Can now ignore GTB Clown Frost Joke Reduced cooldown from 1500ms to 500ms Gypsy Scream Reduced cooldown from 1500ms to 500ms Sniper Ankle Snare Limit to 10 traps on ground Increase duration from 1sec to 10secs Whitesmith Cart Termination Reduced After-cast delay from 600ms to 500ms Chain Knuckle Can now hook Emperium and Teammates Can now be interrupted Global Global Player Status Def Rate increased from 100 to 300 Global Mob Status Def Rate increased from 100 to 300 Global Mob Status Resistance from 30 to 100 UPDATES: Added Healer and Berry Exchanger NPCS are now available outside Culvert NPC Healer ( For VIP users) Increased FCP from 1min to 5mins Vending Warper Removed Prontera and Payon as vending area Mall will be the official vending area Others TCE Box Reward Contains 10 TCGs, 100 Berry Tickets, 10 Event Tokens, and 5 Guild Tokens STATUS: [PUSHED]
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    Due to the issue of excessive botting, our team and I have made the decision to raise the penalty to 500 million in-game zeny or 3 Trading Card Game (TCG) points per character. In order to avoid paying the penalty, the player must serve a jail sentence of 3 days.
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    added Global Defense from 40 to 30 Monster Defense from 99 to 1